Vision street wear presents Sparrow sessions

This year, Jessy aka @leblacksparrow and Vision Street Wear have teamed up to represent the Sparrow sessions 
Sparrow Sessions is an inclusive skateboarding event focused on style, creativity and determination. It is inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to try skateboarding.
Sparrow Sessions
Sparrow sessions are coming back strong with a series of 3 events in 3 different indoor skateparks in October 2022.
The goal of the event is to create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to try skateboarding and encourage children to connect with their creativity and originality. We instill important values ​​for sport; respect, team spirit, discipline and determination. At Sparrow Sessions everyone is a winner!!
Sparrow Sessions Winners Jackalope Golden Ticket Mathieu Leblanc
During the series of events, kids will be able to enjoy an extraordinary experience by skating with professionals, asking for tips and attend a skate demonstration with Jessy & guests. Finally, there will be a series of best ”tricks” on several obstacles where they will be rewarded with great participation prizes.
Vans Custom Shoe Sparrow Sessions Prizes

Vans Custom shoe. One of the many prizes you could win at Sparrow sessions

Adeline Kerry and Jessy Jean-Bart at Sparrow Sessions March 30th 2022

Sparrow Sessions is our way of giving back to the community